01. It took a while for the class to [gel], but the students are really supportive of each other now.
02. John Lennon and Paul McCartney [gelled] from the time they first met and together wrote some of the greatest pop songs of their generation.
03. We have a few ideas that are starting to [gel], but nothing really solid as of yet.
04. Matt only joined the team a week ago, but he seems to have [gelled] well with the other players.
05. She had so much [gel] in her hair that it was as hard as a rock.
06. I don't like the feeling of [gel] in a girl's hair. I prefer hair that's soft, even if it's sometimes messy, rather than hair that is all glued into place.
07. The team is made up of a bunch of individuals who just haven't [gelled], so they lose most of their games because they don't work together.
08. His hair was so stiff with [gel] that it wouldn't have moved in a hurricane!
09. Patrice's ideas will [gel] well with the aims of our project.
10. Plans for the project have really [gelled] over the last few days, and I think we are ready to proceed.
11. After our ESL classes start, we try to move any students who have been misplaced quickly before the students have time to [gell] with their classmates.
12. The script for the movie never quite [gelled], and the idea was eventually shelved.
13. It is important that our development team [gel] as a group because they can be more creative and productive if they work together.
14. A plan [gelled] in my mind while I was sitting on the bus this morning.
15. We put the pudding in the fridge to [gel] for a couple of hours.
16. The fat in the soup [gelled] as it cooled, forming a layer of scum on the surface.
17. We've only been working together for a short time, but already some interesting ideas are beginning to [gel].
18. The plan really [gelled] once we all had a chance to talk about it.

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